Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fast Forward

Me? Commitment issues?

Things I've meant to post on but didn't quite make it happen:
1) Don't be a jackass and go vote.
2) Holy cow, we have a president-elect and in the name of all that's holy this country finally picked the RIGHT GUY!
3) Why does the dryer smell like that when it's not being used?
4) The brutal sadness of losing a pet (the death of my parent's beloved cat).
5) Babies - my neices in particular. and how my neices in particular are not only cerealbox cute, they're Time-Magazine perfect. Seriously. Every ounce of 'em.
6) Evolution meets Intelligent Design: Can't we all just die alone?
7) Computer games and how they suck time away from me like giant invisible time-squito's.
8) The new computer and it's unending awesomeness.
9) honestly, could my neices BE any cuter? and WHEEEW my parents have a new cat who is also not only heart-stoppingly cute but perfectly smart as well.
10) fuck, I'm unemployed again. *LeSigh* I guess that makes me plus 80% of the country.

yeah - so I'm a delinquent in so many things.
And that christmas card? Um, it's so totally going in the mail. Promise. Like, any day now.
Yup. Come on, it's not like the CHRIST part of Christmas has anything to do with me personally so are we really surprised that little old pagan-ed out me can't get a handle on "send 'em out by December 18th"?

Oy, even THAT is a crappy excuse. Well, I'm sure we'll all get a nice giggle out of getting KJ's holiday cards two months late. because hey, it's me!

Three cheers for cellularly programmed delinquency!

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