Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

erm, a few days late I suppose, but Happiest of Birthdays to you USA.

I had a great weekend, it was WinWinWin all the way until it started to suck but the suckdom isn't really that bad and I think you're more interested in the wins. Right?

Well, as those who know me best already expect - I'm going to provide a brief KJ-typical review of the movie we saw on Thursday. Wanted is a really fun, really exciting ride with lots of great new ideas and some pretty glaring plot holes that are outshined only by the horribly wasted plot opportunities. I am not a spoiler, so you'll have to ask me when you see me what those bits mean. I did enjoy the film though and highly reccommend it even though I doubt I'll be owning a copy anytime soon. Loved the way the cubicle-monkey gets his new life started, hated the overly over the top bad guy manager of the cubicle-monkey. Look, he works in a cubicle... we get it... life sucks and lo managers from hell do come from hell... enough with the steryotypes.

Um, I also loved lady Jolie in it too. She's swervy, and sexy, and smoky and just a dyn-o-mite little collectible assasin doll waiting to happen. I loved that Morgan Freeman drops some well timed swears in there and that the undoing of the whole evil enterprise action comes at a pretty easy price - budget wise. I mean, not like it was a cheap movie, but the evil demise was not a big showy "mister hero just spent $4,099,8472372309483.00 on neat-o spy toys" kind of demise. Supermarket simple, that's the way I like my endings. Thanks McGyver.

So that was fun. Go see it. Enjoy the ride.

The main squeeze and I spent the 4th of July in our home eating a yummy burrito-y enchilada-y meat-y sauc-y mess for dinner and watching Lord of the Rings. I snuck upstairs to see how many fireworks shows I could see (12 over the course of the night) and then returned to my cozy place on the couch. In truth, I much prefer the big opulence of a showy fireworks display, the colors, the booms, the lungfulls of cigarette smoke from passersby. I love how everyone smells like grilled something. I love that everyone is there, more or less, because of a generations-old love of country and family - regardless of politics within them. I just dig that. The lights go down and the sky fills with noisy fire and we all try to conceal that we get choked up a little. It's good stuff. This year though, the squeeze and I stayed in and had some together time (not like that pervs) and it was a much needed mental break. This year, it was more important to watch hobbits struggle against inconcievable odds than to mingle in real life with the heroes of this land. This year was for me and the main squeeze. And this year, that's okay.

Next year though - I'm all about dragging him out to a big show again someplace.

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