Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How much do I suck?

Have I used that title yet?
well, the answer is: a lot.
dude, it's JUNE for chrissakes. We all know the "regularity" thing won't happen on this blog but sheesh I thought I'd be better than this.

Anyway, I'll recount my sins here and then later tonight I'll get some actual blah blah done:

1) I never update. Well,there's a reason and it's not the "I hate myself and am stupid" business I've written about before. It is because I have a J-O-B! A proper one at that, with little pass cards that open doors and a cafeteria-type thingy and co-horts and daily duties and all kinds of good stuff. And the best part? it's at the VERY SAME place that I was just gnawing my own legs off to get into earlier this year. Want the whole story? I'll be putting that in in "complete thought" style in the next entry... so stay tuned. Not "stay tuned for the next 8 months" either, more like "stay tuned for a few hours..."

2) I never call. Now THAT is generally hooked on the famous "never interesting enough" hook that I use for lots of other keeping-in-touch failures. Today though, I was a big girl and called TWO (YES TWO!) people I've been needing to contact for... let's just say EV-UHR. M'lady is still a very good friend whom I am keeping, since I met her in kindergarden and re-met her in highschool, and now end up calling her every *blush* few years or so. She's doing great, the call was awesome and perfectly fine and it was just terrific to talk to her. M'lord is someone I used to work with at a company from which we both ended up getting canned. That is to say, he got "eliminated" and I got... well I just left. He's always a total gas to talk to and he's doing some pretty awesome stuff too. Now I'm officially off the hook for contacting people for the next 9 years. HA! oh wait, there's my man out there in Poland... and then misterwonderful out there in Thailand or somesuch place... neither of them have gotten a peep since like... 2003.... guh. Well, I'm not off the hook yet. I'm working on it though. WE SWEARS IT!

3) I never know what to write/talk/call about. That's just plain not true - clearly I can blather on about things as grand as string theory and as un-grand as one-liners about poo. For pages and pages I'll blather. I'm just a non-starter... that's all. I don't have the whatever it is that makes a person sit down and "just do it" like nike wants us to. I also, sadly, am a rather catastrophic non-finisher and have been known to start all kinds of lovely things with full intention of completing them only to discover months later (read years) (seriously... I can even say decades for one particular project) only to discover months later that they're still. not. done. and now they're glaring at me. and whispering rude things about my socks when I'm not in the room.

enough of that. How about the news? Do bear with me as I do a kind of 3-month mental purge of everything I've been wanting to share with you and haven't actually ended up sharing until now. Enjoy the novel! (you KNOW it's going to be a while... )

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