Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another LONG Pause

Dang I'm not any good at this "regular updates" business.

Be that as it may, I HAVE UPDATES!

Where to begin? Well, let's start with the reason most of you read this... wedding information! YAY! Okay, so we have a DATE picked out and etched in stone (so help me) and publishable and printable and tell-everyone-able. The Main Squeeze and I will be tying the knot this year on October 18th. Kindof an arbitrary day, no real reason or magic to the numbers. If you read something nice about it though, do tell me. Like if that's the day Mars turns green and the house of Plymfoozle kneels to the fourth house of the sun for another four weeks of leather hotpants or something, I'm down with that.

So yeah, we have a date. ALSO we have a location! HUZZAH! I'm sure you can scroll downish and see that I was so feverishly upon yonder fence about locations alpha and beta. Well wouldn't you know it I found THE best location just a block away from alpha and I shall now announce that it will be referred to as location... erm... delta. Because Delta is something like math-speak for change. yeah. dig it.

Location Delta has all the romance AND ease of use of both of the other options combined with the added perk that it's a Bed and Breakfast that YOU, gentle reader, can stay at for the night before and the night of the big event! Sound EXCITING? EXHILLERATING? The best part is that we are contracted into only seven rooms out of the whole property so those fill up quick with family and the rest of the rooms can be booked or not booked as my guests see fit. No con games. No guilt trips. No begging for already tight budgets to go an extra 500 miles on TOP of a schmantzy resort room. Neat, eh? In time I'll consider putting up the actual link, but I'm not sure I'm ready yet for my slavering stalkers out there (all none of you) to start pencilling my data into their calendars. If you want the link, email me and I"ll hook ya'z up. And you know, look for the info in your invitations and whatnot. Lord, the whatnot. I'll worry about that later.
So that's cool, henh? Two big chunks of information for ya.

The temp job is going well. It's robotic, and mind-bendingly dull but it's a job and it pays the mortgage so I'm not complaining. Full Breakfast Fridays also help to gloss over the 40 hours of business-casual brain-draining. And, for the record - can I just say something about business casual?
It so totally sucks. Whatever ranks above it, more formal than B.C. sucks-eth even moreth, but b.c. as it is is just a big bucket of suck. My body is not built for button-front blouses or poly-blend pants. It's just not... and certainly not on THIS budget. The tops fit... barely... and gods forbid I need to raise my arms above my head or BLAM there goes that button and suddenly I'm all Fredrick's of Hollywood again. And the pants?! My GODS what is with those pants? What the hell is with those two snooty little silvery rabbit teeth that hold my pants closed? DAMN THOSE RABBIT TEETH! First of all, I can't see them. Sorry folks, the ginormous cans are in the way and gods help me but there's just no way to go to the bathroom and put everything back together without a mirror because do those wicked little designers put them on straight? NOOOO they don't. Do they make them so that you can tactile-ly sortof sense when they're like, latched? NOOO they don't. And my favorite design flaw is that there are always two if not more, so even if I"m lucky enough to get one of them in right, I have to essentially undo it again to catch the other little fucker. So if someone from my work is reading this and they go into the ladies room and hears a snarl of colorful swears... that's me trying to do up my go-ram pants already.

Go-ram. you get that? it's terminology from Firefly. Great series. I gnash my teeth at the execs that killed it after one season and whole-heartedly encourage anyone unfamiliar with it to go see it now. Right now. Thank me in the comments. It's space, it's cowboys, it's hot chicks and manly men... gods it has it all. And yes... I'm a tree-mendous nerd but don't let that stop you from skidoodling out that door right now to go buy yourself a copy of the full first season of Firefly. Joss Whedon. I need not say more.

So that's it... except wait! What's that picture? OH! I've been busy with the glass, too, after all of this. See how far we've come? I am just DYING to see what this is gonna look like all finished.
Couldn't you just DIE?!?!?!

Happy Monday!

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