Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quick News Flash!

WOW! So, what did you do yesterday (and today for that matter?)

I, gentle reader, was at work! I KNOW! YAY!
Not at the dream job though. They've got a hiring freeze on right now and have put me on the "we'll call you sometime later this year" list. Pooh. BUT on Friday I went to an interview for a temp job at a neat financial company about a half hour away from where I live (traffic will always be a nightmare) and I started THERE this week.

How 'bout 'dem apples? It's a cushy HR job again, just exactly the kind of stuff I used to do and was telling myself to not really ever do again except under unique circumstances and at this point I think 1month of unemployment qualifies.

As good as I am at finding ANYTHING to complain about… I'm going to resist the urge and just be really happy in this entry. I'm employed, and I have a job! And I have income coming in again!

Huzzah! (The actual REAL-job, job search continues but in the mean time this frees me up for writing about things like glass and cookies and mailmerges and junk. OOOH I'm interesting.)

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