Monday, March 3, 2008

Jobs and Dating

GUH! Job hunting is so much like dating I could just die.

I mean, here I am looking online for certain qualities - and for certain opportunities which are also seeking certain qualities in me. If it's a good fit I send off a "hey, wanna have coffee?" kinda message and wait for the callback.

Last week I did get that callback. We met up, had our cup of coffee, and sized eachother up. You know how sometimes you go into a date feeling strong and hot and like you've got the world on a string and then you chat and laugh and spend a really great few hours together and then you sit there a week later and you're like "Damn, did I have a booger in my nose or what?"

and you start to ask yourself if you're maybe aiming a little too high? Like, maybe Mtnbike27 kinds of guys are seriously out of your range but everyone is just too polite to say anything? Like maybe you need to start shooting for Dragonmaster3000 and bracing yourself for dates with pale guys who wear dusters and can't order cocktails?

Luckily, I already found my DREAMY Main Squeeze and he's not only a totally awesome match but he's a stellar cook and has the patience of a saint. So romantically speaking, I'm set. For the job hunt though I'm just sitting here thinking maybe I really AM shooting a little high here and I should kind of kick it down a notch and sortof start from scratch as a *gulp* receptionist/admin again. Not that there's anything wrong with receptionninging and admining... it's just... it's like that dream I had over the weekend where I dreamt I had to wake up at 4:am to get to the hotel on time because the only job I could get was working the front desk again and the damned cotton-poly-blend skirt WOULD NOT FITTT and and and and
and then I woke up in a cold sweat with my left arm all tingly and dead from being held aloft and sortof balanced on my face all night (don't ask, I do that when I'm tweaked on stress sometimes)

where was I?

oh yeah... Maybe I'm just aiming too high for this dream job thing and I need to think about maybe settling for some kind of dream job that's out there that I don't know that's out there because I haven't really given him/it the time of day yet... You know? My neighbor was kind enough to hear my lament yesterday and she sternly told me (in her delicious southern accent) to don't settle girl, just you don't. So now there's that in the mix too.

Okay - I won't settle, I'll just make my dreamdate checklist a little shorter and start looking at the options with maybe only 50% of what I'm looking for, instead of 75-100%. Because honestly, 100% has pulled up a big fat bowl of zilchflakes for breakfast and that's just not going to cut it anymore.

Which reminds me, I was supposed to hear back about the interview from last week. You remember the one that would be tooth-gnashingly frustrating and super awesomely awesome and pretty craptastically compensated? Yeah that one. No emails or calls just yet. I'm sure they're just in meetings deciding if they want the loose cannon (me) or the project (my presumed competition). In the mean time, I've sent out more applications, so I'm not putting my eggs in one basket. Do keep the fingies crossed, gentlest of readers, and if they're turning blue then just think nice thoughts every so often and kinda hope that at least ONE of these guys... er... jobs... gets the hots for me and can't live without my brain-draining input from here to eternity.

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